Buy and sell crypto with our friendly tellers incurs mining fees on Bitcoin transactions. [?]
Mining Fees:
Mining fees are small charges required to process and validate Bitcoin transactions on the blockchain. They cover the cost of network resources and ensure the timely and secure confirmation of transactions.

Factors Affecting Fees:
Bitcoin network fees depend on factors such as network congestion, transaction size, and blockchain conditions. Fees may vary and are subject to change based on the current state of the network.

No Profit for does not profit from these mining fees. The fees collected go directly to miners who secure and maintain the Bitcoin network.

Fees Apply When Buying Bitcoin:
Please be aware that these mining fees are only charged when you buy Bitcoin through Other transactions will not incur these fees (e.g., if you sell Bitcoin to us).

Why the Notice?
We believe in transparency and want to keep you informed about any associated costs. These fees will also be detailed on your transaction receipt.

Thank you for choosing for your exchange needs.

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Accepted methods of payment: Cash, Credit Card (2% fee), Debit, Wire (1%) and EMT (1%)
Please note that anything other than cash requires 2 pieces of IDs and you have a limit of 200$ for the first few weeks. We will raise your limit as you go.

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